Savings Program

When you belong to Massage Retreat & Spa’s Savings Program, you’ll be able to enjoy the wonderful benefits of massage and spa services by professional Therapists while savings yourself the most money on each stress relieving visit.

Your monthly dues includes access to a 60 Minute Massage or Custom Facial Session or your choice of one Waxing. Each additional 60 minute session in the month is only $39.95. Both of these great prices are offered during any open hour or day. In addition, you’ll also receive special benefits available only to you, plus reduced pricing that you can share with up to 4 chosen friends and family.


Special Pricing with Savings Program

2nd Monthly 60 min. Massage or Custom Facial session: $39.95

Upgrade Your Monthly Session To:
90 Minute Massage: Only +$20
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage: Only +$30
60 Minute Treatment Facial: Only +$20
90 Minute Treatment Facial: Only +$30

Additional Savings:
Retreat Spa Package: $40 Savings
MicroZone Treatment Facial: $10 Savings
Waxing Packages & Services: 10% discount
dermalogica® Skin Care Products: 20% discount
Eyebrow & Eyelash Tinting: $5 Savings


Friends & Family Program

Members can select up to 4 friends or family to enjoy our Savings Program pricing of $54.95 per one-hour session. Already a member of our Savings Program? Add Friends & Family to your membership today.

Gifting Options

Members are granted the opportunity to give away up to 2, one-hour sessions earned on account from April 1-15 and September 1-15 each year.

Restrictions may apply. Prices subject to change. Taxes not included. Contact your local Massage Retreat & Spa for more details.